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Related post: WARNING: This fictional story contains sexual accounts between men and boys, boys with boys AND IS UNSUITABLE FOR MINORS UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY-ONE. You should know whether you want to be reading this or not! 9/98 ************************************************************************** RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-7 "RITES OF BOYHOOD, part 7" (Part #7) lolitas 8 16 nudes Copyright 1997, 1998 Vince Water ************************************************************************** Author's Note: This part is dedicated to my friend Standing Bear who was eagerly awaiting Jimmy's ultimate sexual embrace from the gentle yet needing Mister Burrows. I hope you'll like it too. I welcome comments and suggestions to this story-in-progress. Let 12yo naked loli pics me know what you think of the "Rites of Boyhood" series and what you would like to see happening in it. I may just include your wish in a future story part! Write me. Okay? model little loli girls new loli pay sites PLEASE NOTE that this story is intended for the reading pleasures of adults above the age of twenty-one. It may hentai lolita teen toplist be freely distributed so long as none of its content is changed. - Vince Water - ************************************************************************** * "Rites of Boyhood" * * - part 7 - * Jimmy jumped off the wooden pier and walked along the shore of the lake. He went alone. There were the loud happy search lolitas dark portal voices of boys at play all around him but he felt sad. He didn't know where Jeff was. Something had happened to their friendship and no matter how hard Jimmy tried to dark lolita nude pics figure out what, he couldn't. Only that it seemed to be over with. Jeff seemed to prefer the company of other boys and he didn't know why. His new friends Parker and Miguel were always together. That's because they were true blue friend and it showed. A smile crept back onto Jimmy's face when remembering their kissing. At preteen young lolita biz first, it had seemed strange for two BOYS to be kissing each other but it really wasn't. They were two guys in love. Kissing showed that feeling between them. It had Jimmy wondering what it felt like to be kissed. Yuk! Jimmy shook his head in disgust. That seemed like real sweet black lolitas nude sissy stuff even though it was two boys doing it. He couldn't see himself ever best lolita child top trying! He wasn't old enough... The boy stopped in his tracks. That wasn't so. He had matured some when discovering how sex expressed an aspect of love that came from sharing the pleasure of his body with another. Yet he learned that love could also hurt. That's what pained his heart from Jeff. He couldn't understand his friend's rejection. 'What did I do to lose it between us?' he wondered for the millionth time. Jimmy couldn't figure it out. He tried bringing to mind all the bad things that had happened that could be making Jeff mad bikini underwear models lolita with him. One thing he remembered was when the little boy had fallen into mud during their run through the woods that had left him crying with a ruined breech-cloth. But he had made it up to Jeff by dropping 100 free lists lolita into the puddle at his side and they had tossed mud at each other in play, him young teens nude lolitas all forgiven. That couldn't be the reason small world lolita tits Jeff was avoiding him. Then what? He disregarded what happened to them on the rope ladder since that wasn't his fault. Jeff was even thankful for his help to climb down and seemed more concerned with getting back to the barracks without being seen in the nude. Jimmy tried finding another reason. Oh... The shower room incident. Jimmy lowered his head in shame when remembering how their naked touching in the cold shower to share warmth had led him to sticking his dick into the little boy's hole. He had raped Jeff and the act greatly pained his friend. It was an accident! The boy had seemed to forgiven him but maybe he was still mad. That could be it. He felt that Jeff was having second thoughts about doing them naked things with him and that had led to the end of their friendship. Jimmy felt tears stinging his eyes. He wanted to get punished for that. It was wrong to do something bad to hurt a friend. Worse, he had felt pleasure from fucking Jeff. That's why he didn't want to stick into Miguel's butt when it was offered to him but also because Parker would probably be mad with him if he had tried. Those boys loved each other and should only have sex with one another. A man only has one wife to be with forever; he didn't lend her to a neighbor. Jimmy was jealous of Jeff's new friends. They were able to take him away because of the bad thing he had done. The little boy shouldn't have had his butt stuck into. Jimmy thought about the other stuff they had done together. He decided that some naked play was okay between boys like beating off, belly rubbing and maybe kissing but fucking was too adult a thing to have forced on a boy of ten. What he'd done had hurt him! Jimmy wanted to somehow undo that bad thing so that lolitas pictures 15 17 he could still have Jeff as a friend. He couldn't wish for anything more! He desperately needed for them to be friends again so that they could play with each other, to teach him more swimming strokes, enjoy the camp activities and to talk about stuff. All that but mostly just to be with him. He really loved Jeff. A disturbance in the lake near Jimmy drew his attention. He didn't see its cause but the ever enlarging circles of waves from the splash led him to believe that it had been a fish. When his dad had taken them fishing, he remembered seeing a large fish jumping out of the water to eat a flying insect. It had been a most amazing sight. His dad tiny 13 yo lolitas explained that some fishermen used a pretend bug and 'fly casted' lolita pre teen amature it over the water to catch fish. Much skill was needed for that, he was told. They had stuck to hooking earth worms instead of lures. It was a fun time with his dad. Jimmy couldn't remember if they had caught fish that day or not. Jimmy became sad. He no longer had a dad to take him fishing again... Never ever. His thoughts turned back to Jeff. Was it going to be the same way with him? Why not find a new friend? He looked over the vast stretch of water that held boys playing in it: swimming, canoeing and fishing. Of all those dark angels nude lolitas cute happy boys, why did he only choose Jeff to want? Jimmy continued his walk around the lake. His heart was in pain while his head came up with more questions than answers. Was he right about Jeff being mad with him because of what they'd been doing to each other when naked? The boy seemed to like getting his pole hard and feeling intense when they belly rubbed. In their embrace, his dick could shoot at the end but Jeff was still too best underground sites lolita young. But not so young that he couldn't enjoy the thrills coming from his erection or too young to understand that they were having sex with each other. Sex pleasured their bodies but too their hearts grew closer from that and for lots of other reasons. They simple 'fit' well together like how Parker and Miguel 'fit'. A smile blossomed on Jimmy's face. He was remembering when they had first met. A little boy of ten needed a swimming partner in the lake and no one wanted him. But he did. He had taken to Jeff as the little brother he never had. The boy grew to trust him in the water and that led them to become close. Really close. Something had happened to break them apart though. It seemed that their close friendship ended in the mess hall when Jeff sat away from him to eat lunch. Not by choice. They had arrived late so they couldn't find two seats together. That chance separation had been the start of the trouble. 14y.o lolita nymphets topless Jimmy sighed. He knew there had been a chance to rejoin his friend at the bon fire but he didn't even try. Was it from stupid pride? He realized that Jeff could have come back to him that night but he didn't either. They were both at fault. A day passed with them remaining apart and it seemed to become permanent after that. The boy kicked a stone into the lake and watched its large splash with satisfaction. He continued his slow walk along the shore: one foot in front of the other. He stared down at the ground as he walked so that he wouldn't see the bright flashes of sun that reflected off the lake waves. They reminded him of laughter and happy times. His heart held no joy. It seemed like it was breaking in two! For a boy of thirteen, a lost first love was devastating. There came the faint smell of smoke in the wind. Jimmy turned from the lake to walk down a path that led into the woods. He occasionally found a broken bottle or a discarded tin can along the trail. It ended at the camp refuge. Mister Burrows wasn't there. The burning trash was only nude preteens kids lolitas embers so the boy knew that he had missed the Indian performing his chore here. He had hoped to find that man. Mister Burrows was wise and would understand the pain that he was feeling. Jimmy walked past the old rusting pump. It brought back a fond memory to him. That's where the Indian had admitted to Jeff that he liked him. Not in so many words... The man had only nodded his head in reply to Jeff asking if he liked him. Jimmy liked the man back but in a different way from how he felt towards Jeff. A rusty tin can was kicked against a tree. It bounced off with a loud clanking that made Jimmy smile. He walked to where it lay over the ground and kicked it again. The can's lid was bent inwards so kicking it made for a loud noise. He sent the can clanking through the woods for a good while. It was a fun game gold loli nude clips that kept him from thinking too much about Jeff. The boy's thoughts turned to Mister Burrows. He was a real Indian that had first shown him how to have sex. It felt really good to play with his dick with someone than to do it alone. Later, the man performed more naked rites with him and Jeff. His dark lol rape bbs brown slim body was most attractive to the boys and he showed how their small pale bodies could feel pleasure under his guidance. The man seemed to know a lot about what boys liked. Jimmy smiled. He felt his erection trying to unbend in the front of his shorts. Thinking about the Indian helped him to forget his heart pain and start feeling good about himself again. 'That man is my special friend,' Jimmy thought. He enjoyed turning to Mister Burrows for sex and didn't feel threatened by him. The Indian had a low, soothing voice. He thought differently than the greedy white men. His brown body was nice to look at; slim and not too tall. In his dark eyes was a happy sparkle that Jimmy had seen for him on more than one occasion. The man had even admitted to Jeff that he liked him... Liked him! Jimmy liked the Indian back. He was kind of a father figure to him but also felt like an older brother at the same time. His Indian ways were exciting - especially the naked rites. The boy wondered what else the man would be showing him. The tin can was kicked along the path that went deeper into the woods. Jimmy knew where it led. His dick ached him to find Mister Burrows so that they could embrace both their needs. It really pleased the boy to give himself to the Indian. He was curious to see how savage the man could get when his cock was hard and needing to come out. Jimmy followed the winding trail through the tall pines. It seemed like he was going in the right direction to find the Indian. If not, he would simply turn around and take the path back. While the boy walked, his thoughts turned inwards. He wondered what attracted him most to the man. Was it his smooth brown body? He had seen the Indian's butt and it was nice. Too, his uncut dick was very lolitas 8 14 yo different looking from any he'd spied on before. Was it the man's strangeness that was interesting? young lolita top galleries Mister Burrows was strange when compared to other men but in a good way that made him different. His way of talking showed the thinking in his head. They were Indian thoughts. The man didn't cover himself in the expected 'wild savage' breech-cloth yet his inner strangeness; his beauty was what attracted Jimmy to him. No faker. He was a natural kind of man that he could learn much from. The boy looked around the woods with a frown. He had lost the tin can that he'd been kicking down the trail. No matter. His bare feet had been getting bruised from striking the rusty can. A happiness filled the youth from his simple pleasure of not wearing shoes. His mom was always worrying over him to be properly dressed and 'presentable to the public' as she'd put it. At summer lolita mpegs porn stories camp, he'd been getting away with wearing two meager flaps of deerskin to cover his body or even going about naked! Jimmy missed wearing his breech-cloth. He liked how the yellow deerskin accented the pale nudity to his body. It had been lost to them mean boys who also kept Jeff's mud-stained cloths once proudly painted. He doubted that his little friend would ever again wear his breech-cloth even if it were to be returned to him. The naughty lolita girl models boy's nose pained lolita girl 12 naked him when trying to hold back his tears. Thinking about Jeff made him sad, especially when he wasn't sure why the youth had left him to be with those other boys. The rest of his walk down the path was done with a heavy preteen nude lolly pics heart. Before Jimmy knew it, he came upon Mister Burrows' run-down camp. That's what it looked like. There was the small wooden shack and a dump next to it. A fire was going with a coffee pot hanging over it. No sign of the Indian though. 'Where is he?' Jimmy wondered. He thought about calling out for the man but stopped himself. pentie sexy lolita models It felt funny to be here for some reason; like he was an unexpected guest. The boy walked towards the shack with soft steps. He turned around a corner and found a small window to peek into. He found the Indian inside. Naked. It was hard to be sure. The man was lying on his bed in a small room that was dark inside. The stories little lolita bondage Indian's skin was brown so Jimmy couldn't make out much but that's the impression he was left with: naked. The boy knew he should turn away and leave young nude xxx lolitas kds nude kiss lolita the man to his privacy but his eyes remained glued to the open window. A stretching like movement came from the man's body. He was lying on his right side, away from Jimmy. There was a flexing to his butt. The boy's eyes widened with understanding. He figured that he knew what the Indian was doing with himself in front. A growth came to the boy's dick. With its rising came the need for him to be doing something with it like what the man performed. free asian lolita topsites Jimmy felt breaths racing through his open mouth. The pleasant blood- filling sensation in his balls rose into his pole and stiffened it within his pants. The boy felt hot. He unbuttoned his shirt and gently laid it over the window frame. Next, he loosened the belt to his pants. That made it easier for him to reach inside to handle his erection. It felt stiff and moist around his clenched fingers. Really aching! He recalled almost having sex with Miguel on the sandbar that had left his body preteen lolita tgp nude cheated of pleasure and release. Now, he needed to come out bad. The boy pinched over the skin of his dick. His was a different method of beating off from how he'd seen the Indian handling his cock. With its extra skin, the man pulled over his thick foreskin that got its brown knob to pop in cute preteen lolita pics and out. That's what it looked like he was performing in bed. Jimmy tried getting his eyes nude little lolita pix adjusted to the dim lighting of the bedroom. He wanted to time his coming out to the Indian's release. Yet masturbating didn't seem satisfying enough to the boy. He watched the man's stretching movement over the bed and felt an lolitas free bikini video urgent need to be with him; to get his cock to come out with his help. Jimmy knew that the Indian liked boys and his manly body was very attractive to the youth for sex. It was decided. sandra teen lol model Jimmy crept along the side of the shack. He came to a door and slowly opened it. To his relief, it didn't creak. He stepped inside and was careful not to bang it upon closure. The room he stood in looked like a combined kitchen and dining room; there was a small wooden table and chair next to an old iron stove. At its far end true bbs loli sex was a doorway. The boy slowly walked to it and stepped through its threshold. His breaths sounded like the loud panting a dog makes. He was worried that Mister Burrows might hear his approach. The naked man was in the small bedroom facing him. He didn't notice the boy because his eyes were closed. Jimmy pulled over his long dick hid within his pants half hoping that he'd be discovered. He could see the Indian pulling over his hard cock with a slow rhythm. The dark hairs to his groin brushed against his palm with each stroke. It ached the boy that they were both in need yet doing it apart. His body urged him to join lolita young bbs ru with the man right now! The wooden floor creaked under Jimmy's shifting feet. Mister Burrows opened his eyes and looked up. He didn't startle as the boy forum bbs list lolitas was worried he might. A smile shone from his dark face with acceptance. Jimmy eagerly stepped into the bedroom. He walked over to the man's bed with his hand still reaching preteens lolita petite model into his loose pants. Mister Burrows saw the boy's obvious exitement. His long brown arms reached out to remove Jimmy's pants. Next, his white underwear was pulled down. The Indian smiled when seeing the youth's erection standing tall against his belly; a nice grin. There was such a glow of love coming from Jimmy's inner being for him. Mister search nauthy nude lolitas Burrows gestured for his little friend to join him in bed. The boy did. "I think of you when doing this," the man explained while looking down at his long dick. "I think out and you came to me!" lolita angel swim wear Jimmy didn't quite understand what the man was talking about but he knew that it was okay to have come. He laid over the man's bed facing him. It was quite a contrast of photographs nude lolitas net small pale body next to the larger brown. Their arms reached for one another to embrace. Warmth. The tickling below came from mature man against growing boy. A musky sweat smell mixed with smoke filled Jimmy's nose. He breathed it in with growing excitement. All his sad thoughts about Jeff flew from his head. The Indian man was also a good friend to have sex with. There came a lusty groan of anticipation from the Indian. The boy grinned. He knew that his small body was much desired by the man and it pleased him to offer it for his need. Mister Burrows has proved himself a gentle lover but too he could be fierce like an Indian warrior when it came to sex. That didn't scare Jimmy anymore. He had performed sex stuff with another man and also with some boys so it wasn't mysterious and scary as before. The hungry Indian explored the boy's small frame in his hands. He felt his way down Jimmy's warm back to his soft little butt. It was nicely rounded in the man's hand. His fingers traced down the crack of it to find an entrace. A moist tight place was found. Jimmy gasped when his hole was touched. He knew that the man lusted for it and decided that it would okay for him to stick in. He had already done that to Jeff, unasked, so this made it his turn to take pain in punishment for losing his dear friend. Mister Burrows wasn't thinking like Jimmy. He wanted to fuck the boy not in punishment but as a completion to his needing manhood; a good way to join their male bodies. When he saw that his finger wasn't rejected, he figured that his nude art erotic lolitas cock wouldn't be either. Some boys liked to get their butts stuck into. He hoped that Jimmy was one of them. When the lolita pant preteen models man's arms loosened around Jimmy, he turned his small body around to face away from the Indian. lol young model nude He looked through the doorway into the kitchen. The youth hoped that no one was going to be calling upon Mister Burrows while they were in bed lolita porn petite models together... naked. The man reached his left hand over Jimmy's body and caressed his soft breast until finding his nipples. They hardened under his touch. With his mouth, he tasted the boy's slim shoulder for its sweat: a clean lime scent. His hungry mouth explored down Jimmy's back with kisses while his hand in front wandered to the boy's dick to fondle him. His lips descended further. Soft rounded mounds drew his kisses and he heard a giggle from the boy. The Indian knew that he had the youth in his power. lolicon 8 yo lolita Jimmy felt tickled by the man's kisses. When they reached down to his butt, he giggled. It reminded him of when he was forced to kiss Jeff's butt on the rope ladder at the command of their tormentors. He knew that no one was forcing Mister Burrows to kiss his ass - the man LOVED it! Jimmy leaned forward to stick out his rear end. He felt the man's tongue lick down his crack and find his hole. It was a very tickly sensation. The boy became very wide in the eyes when the man mouthed his butthole and stuck his tongue inside it. He couldn't imagine why the Indian would want to taste his innermost butt; smelly and all that! A low groan came from the man. He hungrily ate his boy with the sweet expectations of fucking him good and deep. Much spit was put in him to make Jimmy's tight passage slick. It was a small hole and his cock was very big. He didn't want to put the boy through too much pain that would make him jump out of his bed and run out the door. Jimmy moaned from getting reamed. He knew that his butt was being prepared to be taken for the Indian's pleasure. A frightening thing. Yet he vowed to give himself to the man as Jeff had unwillingly given his butt to him in the shower. This was lolita nymphet top models going to be his punishment to bear. Mister Burrows ended his butt kissing and aligned himself along Jimmy's back. His hard cock pressed against the boy's cheeks suggestingly. It throbbed with much lust. He wanted to make plain his intent to fuck; did the youth accept his young russain nude lolita manly need? Jimmy felt himself trembling. He didn't know if he was ready to experience such an adult act as the giver. It was easier to stick into someone's butt. An entirely xxx underage lolitas video different matter to be the one about to get stuck with a man-sized cock up his hole! Mister Burrows felt a great aching in his cock to rape the boy. He didn't wait for Jimmy to say it was 'okay' since the youth wasn't trying to escape his bed. It was probably best not to talk. With non nude lola pics building lust from his loins, the man took hold of that he most desired: a little boy butt. He was about to make it his own. Jimmy was pushed over the bed onto his belly. He was pressed down by the greater size of the man on top. A connection was sought. The size of the Indian's cock seemed too big to get in him but it was going to try. That scared Jimmy. He squirmed under the man's heavy body, finding a pillow near his head to clutch with both hands. He was going to pay for raping Jeff by giving himself utterly to this man. The Indian went about it gently. He pointed his hard brown cock through the cheeks of the boy beneath him and pressed its oozing tip against the puckered little hole. No quick entry. He felt Jimmy's trembling and held the youth close like a father shooing his son from fear. Patience was needed here. When the boy settled down, the man began an in and out motion. His cock made slow thrusts between little lolitas nude magazine the boy's butt cheeks and pushed into his hole only a little ways. The boy felt pain each time. Mister Burrows knew that from the way Jimmy's body stiffened. He slipped out of the small hole but didn't stop thrusting. The boy clenched the cheeks to his butt from pain and that gave the man a tight place to move through with his cock. Its oozing made for a slippery connection. Another shallow penetration was attempted. Again, the boy stiffened in pain. The Indian kept the tip of his cock inside for a while longer before retreating. He wanted the youth to get used to his size. Jimmy was getting scared. He tried enduring the pain and knew that it was too late to stop what they were doing. The fierce Indian wouldn't be letting him go! At least the man was going slow with fitting his cock into his butt and for that the boy was glad. He trusted that Mister Burrows wouldn't be hurting him too much. Another stab! Jimmy stiffened in pain when feeling his hole getting stuck into. It seemed that cgi lolita angel pics more of the Indian's thick free cp lolita galleries cock was fitting into him and staying in longer before lolitas nudist russian gallery withdrawing. The boy buried his face into the bed sheets to wimper. He hoped that it wasn't being heard. Mister Burrows found it difficult to keep himself from diving in deep. His cock was really aching him to plow through the boy's pale butt to fuck it good and hard. Only from love did he prevent his lust from taking control of his hard body. Jimmy was a nice kid; worthy to be coddled with a love from their joining hearts. The boy seemed to accept the man's need so it would be done gently and with love. Lust would eventually be given its expression and sweet release. Jimmy felt that his body was like a tense bow; the Indian fitting his big arrow into him with a careful testing of how far it could be stretched back before release. He tried to relax. His legs spread under the man's to get his butt to open more. The cock slipped in. All the way! It was an uncomfortable filling sensation but no sharp pain as before. The boy was amazed; the Indian's bigger body was fitting into his smaller one in the most intimate way two males could connect. They were fucking! He realized that it would end with the man's sperm being left inside him. 'Will a baby come from it?' Jimmy wondered. He knew that when a man made love to a woman it grew his svens teen lolita bbs baby inside her. 'No. I'm only a boy so I can't get pregnant!' Mister Burrows began his fucking with earnest. To Jimmy, 16yo lolita shows pussy it seemed like the Indian was trying getting him pregnant. His long cock pushed deep into his butt before pulling back. Low moans of satisfaction often came from the man. The boy knew that he was enjoying himself. Just like when he had enjoyed fucking Jeff in the shower. Now it was his turn to endure cp lolita boy gay getting his butt raped in a kind of punishment for hurting his friend. The man was unaware of what kept Jimmy passive below him. He only knew of lust and how it drove his hard cock ever deeper through the tender boy hole. Pleasure filled his loins. To prevent his prey from getting away, his hands kept their grip of the youth's slim shoulders. Not that the boy was trying to escape... That was a little surprising to the Indian since he had once fucked a boyhood friend at the reservation who had fought against getting his butt raped but lost. That had happened long ago. When he was a lusty fourteen year old, the little boy he had mounted was only ten. Not even old enough to come out from his prick. They had made a big bet that the ten-year-old had lost. In payment, the youth's butt was forced to accept his long dick in him. It was quickly loli nn pantys models done. Great pleasure was taken to put his sperm into the little boy's hole but in return he ended up losing their friendship. It was a hard lesson he had learned in his youth. The white boy in his bed was enduring pain in trade for manly pleasure. Mister Burrows lola girl preteen nude wondered why. He began to worry that Jimmy might tell on him to the camp director and then he'd get into big trouble and even lose his job. Jimmy noticed that the man had stopped. His big cock was still buried deep in his ass but there was no more thrusting. 'Did he sperm in me?' The boy didn't hear the telling groan that would prove it so he turned his head over the bed to look up at the Indian. Dark eyes stared down on him. "Are you... done?" the boy asked. Mister Burrows tried swallowing in his dry throat. His arms loosened from around Jimmy's shoulders while his face lowered to look fully into the boy's eyes to read him. He gave a reply. "I worry that you hurt." Jimmy nodded. "It does a little but you can keep doing it. I'm okay." The man had seen fear in the little boy's eyes. It reminded him of his lost friend from the reservation. He muttered questioningly, "Sha-tre-na o-pio?" The Indian then remembered to translate into English and asked, "Ah... why you let me do this thing?" Jimmy understood. He looked into the man's shy eyes and spoke. "I want you to. You need to fuck me so I'm letting you do it. Don't stop!" Mister Burrows gave the boy a gentle nod. His lips lowered to Jimmy's left cheek and he kissed it like a father does to show love for his son. His cock then moved through the youth's butthole to show bodily love. Pain returned to Jimmy's eyes that felt like a flaming arrow into the Indian's heart. He badly wanted to fuck the willing boy. He needed to do it! Yet he wasn't entirely convinced as to the reasons why it was being endured. Jimmy tried to keep his face from revealing how the cp lolitas bbs com man's cock was hurting him. He wanted it to be over with and done. The pain was bearable if he didn't have to put up with it for long. It felt russian lolita top models like he had to go to the bathroom really bad! Especially when the man stabbed deep into his butt and lingered in there. Some relief came when his cock pulled out of him a ways. He knew that the act was very pleasurable nasty lolita angels bbs from having stuck into Jeff's butthole. Taking the man's cock in his butt was in trade for doing that bad thing. He was a big boy and could take the pain. Jeff did. Mister Burrows closed his eyes. He couldn't look at Jimmy's face while he fucked him. His swollen cock was feeling close to release and it was going to be very sweet. The boy accepted his need. Though in pain, he endured it so that the man could fulfill himself. russian free lolita galleries It made the Indian very proud for him. Jimmy began to pant. He felt something strange in his butt that came from the man's deeper thrusts; crazy holidays gratis lolitas a kind of pain tickle that made his pole surge with thrills. Against his face, the Indian was still kissing him. It felt nonnude preteen lollie models strange at first but the kisses helped to keep his mind off the pain. They actually made him feel good so boldness came to the youth. He strained his neck so that his lips could find the man's. It was with closed eyes that the boy pressed his mouth onto the Indian's and kissed him back. Mister Burrows opened his eyes. He saw what the boy was doing and the act greatly surprised him; his lips had felt the return kiss. It was nice. He lowered his head to better align it with the boy's and their shy kissing continued. Tremendous feelings surged in the man's heart and the boy felt joy in his heart. His butt eagerly filled with Man and sought the precious gift that would come on the wings of his love. And it came. Jimmy felt the man blow out board dorki loli pic a harsh breath into his mouth. In his butt, the man's cock pushed on something deep that made his pole surge and release like a cocked pistol. The boy bbs preteen russian lolita cried out from the strange pain. Several intense squirts came out that made his asshole tighten around the man's cock. In turn, the Indian felt his greatest thrills and came. He growled out like an angry bear when filling his boy with wet manly love. Their bodies fulfilled themselves from being joined as one. Mister Burrows laid heavily over Jimmy's lolita nudists galleries nl back to catch his breath. He was amazed by the intensity of his climax. His cock had squirted so many times into the boy's lolita nude porn pictures ass that he'd lost count of them! A happy throbbing came from it now; no more seed left in his balls to piss out. He realized that what he'd done made him a proven man. Not since fucking under age lolitas hard that ten- year-old boy had he stuck into another boy until Jimmy. There was the sound of a clock ticking in the room. Jimmy noticed a similar beat in his butt that came from the beating of Mister glamour top loli pthc Burrows' heart through his cock. The boy realized with joy that the man was done. Not so much from relief but that his small body had given the Indian satisfaction in a most sexual way: fucking his butt. He won the man's seed in him. The thought of having that in his body blew Jimmy's mind away. It thrilled him to have gotten a man to do that in him. The man's weight over Jimmy's back was getting uncomfortable. ls lolita bbs quality When he complained, he was turned onto his side by Mister Burrows while remaining connected to him: cock in butthole. It seemed that the Indian wasn't ready yet to separate their bodies. That was okay with Jimmy. There was something that worried the boy. He knew that he'd done it so he hoped that Mister Burrows wouldn't get mad if he told him. "I wet your bed," Jimmy admitted with shame. Mister Burrows reached over the boy sexy 13 years lolitas to feel the bed covers. His fingers touched upon the telling circle of wetness and concern filled the man. Was the boy hurt? The wetness felt sticky between his fingers so he brought them back to sniff. Not urine. The man's eyes widened with a sudden realization that made him chuckle. He reached for the boy's pole to gather more of its wetting to examine. It was a clear release that made the Indian proud. He asked, "You do this from me fucking you?" "Uh huh. It just came out of me," Jimmy replied. "That good. My big cock strong in your butt and make you do this thing from your pole. It sign of Power!" The weak boy seed on the man's fingers was wiped over the cheeks of his rear end in ritual. Jimmy grinned. "I could take my turn... fucking you." Mister Burrows shook his head. "No. A boy gets his Power from a man to grow from; no man allow a boy to take him like that." Jimmy's thoughts turned to Miguel. That Spanish boy had wanted him to stick into his butthole though he was older than him. Not yet a man... Perhaps it was okay from what the Indian was explaining to him. "My seed in you take root to grow your man's body." lolita pthc torrent google "Is it okay for two boys to fuck?" Jimmy asked. Mister Burrows laughed. "Yes. They can practice the man's act so when becoming men will know how to do their wives." "Why don't you have a wife?" Jimmy's question gave the man some pause. He knew that his words would weigh heavily with the boy so he crafted his answer with care. "I galleries preteens lolita model don't want," explained Mister Burrows. "That not make me less a man to be a lover of boys. I pass my Power unto youths in ritual like what we do in the woods. My heart filled with you Jimmy. Let me come in your heart as I have let you in mine." There was a long silence after what the man said. Jimmy started crying. Mister Burrows slipped out of his butt and turned him around to face him. His tears continued to wet the man's breast unabated. "Why so sad?" the man asked. "I did... bad thing... 'Cause Jeff don't like me any more!" Mister Burrows patted the boy's back. He remembered that scrawny little boy going around with Jimmy. Something must have happened between them. There would be no asking until the youth calmed down. He was crying something fierce. The man held his dear boy close to his breast while rubbing over his back to relax him. Jimmy kept crying. The Indian turned onto his back while carrying the boy over him. His long arms put pressure around real lolitas 14y pictures the youth's body to force an ending to his show of weakness. It seemed to work. The boy no longer sobbed. Silent tears continued to rain down on the man's breast though. He would have to be patient with the white boy. naked pre teen lolitas The Indian tried willing his strength out through his arms to calm the youth's troubled spirit. They bodies had become one. So too their hearts that could lead them to join in spirit as well. That's what mattered the most: spiritual love. The man knew that flesh turned to dust little nude lolita poohnany all too soon that left spirit free to rise from mother earth. He wanted Jimmy and him to walk hand in hand into the afterlife when their time came. But while trapped in flesh, the Indian knew that seeking pleasure could sometimes block the spirit's flow of Power. That's what allowed evil to craft much trouble and woe in the world. Something bad had happened between Jimmy and Jeff. He would employ wisdom to try resolving it. Mister Burrows noticed that his hand had wandered down to Jimmy's rear end. He felt over its moist softness and marveled over what he had done. His cock was lolitas nudist pussy pics very satisfied to have put medicine seed into the boy's ass. Not an evil act! The man was struck by his strange thought. Where did that notion come from? Jimmy noticed the man's handling of his butt. It was getting him excited. He couldn't stop crying to the Indian's breast from sadness but his dick was getting hard. It lifted against the dark lolli nude girls man's swollen cock as if daring underage nude lolita dark a wrestling match between them. His butthole pained him, reminding the boy that it was filled with this man's lolitas models sample videos sperm. A strange satisfaction came from knowing that. Mister Burrows felt the boy stirring with sexual energy. He was pressing his erection against the man's cum-slippery cock with beginning stabs. That surprised the Indian since Jimmy had already released to the bed sheets from getting fucked. Why was he needing to cum again? The man gasped when feeling the boy's mouth sucking over his wet breast in kisses. Pale hands reached up to his shoulders and held them. The small body rode over his with a grinding belly rub. Their groins were plenty slippery so there was no pain from the lusty meeting of their male loins. It made the Indian's cock grow hard again. He accepted the boy's need for more love making. Jimmy held the man close to love him. It helped him to escape the great woe and heart pain that he was feeling for Jeff. He wanted loli 6 12 yo his tears to end! More so, he wanted this Indian to love him back. His brown body was soft and yielding to his immediate need for sex. Thrills built up in his pole from riding over the man's cock. His groin was tickled by the thick man hair brushing under him. Longer stabs were made. His butthole ached but that only added to the boy's lust that he needed to vent onto the willing man. Mister Burrows held Jimmy's butt and accepted his sexual attack. It was growing fierce with quick stabs against his swelling cock. Small cries came out with the boy's breaths. Fingers were pinching the man's shoulders when the youth lifted himself up his body. Their hard loins met harshly. The Indian held his boy close and waited for the explosion to come. Jimmy found the man's tit and sucked on it. He heard the Indian moan in pleasure so he found the other tit and bit it. The man flinched in pain while releasing a hissing breath like a snake. That made the boy get very excited. He had power over the brown body that he was clutching; the same man's body that earlier had demonstrated power over his in a fuck. "You an eager pup!" remarked Mister Burrows. He held Jimmy's wild body over his, especially the sweaty little butt that was trying to hump their way out of his hand. Between their slippery bellies, the boy made quick stabs against his cock. Their fleshy meeting was giving underage lolita site sites the Indian a measure of pleasure. Not enough to get him to release again but the thrills were nice. He enjoyed the youth's lusty performance. Jimmy needed to squirt from his dick. When getting fucked, he was forced to come out xxx lolita cp free but that gave him little pleasure; only a release of pressure. Riding the man's loins was giving him increasing thrills. To deepen them, the boy held his breaths. When his belly trembled from holding one too long, he felt his greatest pleasure. It seemed to be taking him a long time to shoot. Mister Burrows felt the boy's straining body in his arms and heard the boy's sharp exhales that cooled his breast. There was such a wild frenzy from the youth to complete himself. That worried the Indian. He didn't understand Jimmy's urgent need. "Don't tire yourself," the man warned. He knew that top 100 underage lolita sexual frenzy could lead the boy to hurting himself. To slow the youth, both his hands clamped down over the boy's humping butt. Yet his erection continued with its wild thrusts. Not in a slow timed rhythm as they should be but quick and unpredictable. He was also worried about the boy holding his breath. Jimmy felt close to his climax but it kept eluding him. Holding breaths wasn't working; it exhausted him like being in a long run he couldn't sustain. The man's cock felt too slippery against his stabs to gain the proper sensation. How was he going to be able to explode? When the man's strong hands captured his flexing butt, that helped. Jimmy felt their swollen dicks get mashed together. His stabs weren't as slippery. He reached his hands around the man's neck with fingers tangling in his long hair. Something pressed against his mouth: an Indian kiss. Mister Burrows felt the rising of his spirit. He expressed the brightest face of love he had for this boy through a kiss. Jimmy's lips responded. With great joy in his heart, the man struck his right hand against the youth's bottom in a single drum beat. That sharp slap to Jimmy's butt made him cum. His fucked butthole shot pain through his dick and that dark power had him shooting to the man's belly. It was a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. His ending squirts turned to deep thrills for the boy. He cried out in his high-pitched voice. The Indian was glad for him. Jimmy panted over the man's wet body with much satisfaction. He realized what he had done: made love to the Indian warrior he admired in history book images who in reality was a natural man making his way through life in the modern age; he wore pants instead of a breech-cloth! The two lovers rested a while in each other's arms. Their exhausted bodies were completed. That joined loli doujin film streams their hearts and a binding came to what mattered the most: their spirits. The man led his boy around the circle of life who in turn would become a man to lead the next boy without ending. Jimmy's head sweet cute lolita preteen felt dizzy. He needed to sit up so with the man's help, the boy was raised to his knees around the Indian laying over the bed, his palms laid flat over the Indian's brown chest. A streak of clear liquid led the boy's eyes down to their touching loins. His pole slept over the man's thick cock. Their soft balls touched. Mister Burrows cupped the boy's cheeks to steady his sitting position over his groin. He felt something running down the palm of his right hand; the hand that had drummed over Jimmy's butt. The man's eyes widened. He realized that the youth had pushed out seed from both sides of his body. The Power within him had been too much for the boy to contain. In solemn ritual, the Indian showed Jimmy what pooled on his right palm: a thick white essence. With his left hand, he patted the boy's bottom in a gesture from where it had come from. The man lowered his wet hand to scoop up the boy's clear seed from his belly, capturing it into his closing fist. He explained it. "Our seed join: my Power with yours that will become so. It makes us one!" The Indian lowered his opening right hand over their touching dicks. He clutched them wetly. Jimmy gasped in surprise. He understood that the man's sperm had been pushed out from his butthole and wet his right hand. It mingled svens place board lolita with his around their touching dicks. The lolita pic message boards man slowly pulled over them; a very tickly sensation! "As your body lay with mine, Power go in you," the Indian explained. "Grow you into a man. My heart is filled with you, Jimmy..." "Me too," the boy whispered. Mister Burrows grinned. "Each time I lay with you, my Power will fill your body to grow it big and strong. A good thing! Our hearts become one." Jimmy smiled for a moment before the pain from Jeff returned to his heart. His tear-filled eyes lowered in sadness. The Indian knew it was time to listen to the boy's pain; maybe offer him wisdom to heal it. His hand stopped pulling over their touching wet dicks. The boy was lifted by his under arms when Mister Burrows sat up over his bed. He lowered the youth back underground little lolitas pics into his lap and held him close to his breast. Warm tears fell on him. "Tell me," the man whispered into the boy's ear. Jimmy sobbed. His voice was all broken up when he poured out his fears and the great pain that came from his heart about Jeff. The man listened. He began to understand what was going on between the two boys. "You not talked with Jeff about this thing?" asked Mister Burrows. "Uh uh," Jimmy answered while shaking his head. "Not good to only talk with yourself!" Jimmy felt wisdom from the man's words. He knew that Jeff and him should have talked about russian tgp lolita incest what happened asian lolita pic top because without knowing what the problem was, he'd been left to sort it all out by himself. "I know Jeff is your friend," Mister Burrows added. "Go talk to him and see if this is not so." Jimmy's eyes lifted to the man's with great hope. He saw truth there. Jeff was his friend; something dumb must have happened between them that wasn't too late to resolve. A great burden was lifted from the boy's heart and he felt happy again. Hopeful! He owed much to this dear Indian. With new eyes, he saw how beautiful the brown man was: his weathered face had wisdom; his dark eyes filled with love and understanding. A handsome man. Mister Burrows naked teen lolitas pics saw Jimmy wet his lips. He lowered his mouth to the boy's and their kiss happened. A gentle sharing. The youth took in a sharp breath and held it. He wanted to keep the man's breath in him for always. They embraced. The youth pressed his ear against the Indian's wet chest and felt safe. He heard the thump-thump of the man's heart. A heart filled with much love for underground free lolita paysites him. "I love you," the boy whispered. The man heard it. His arms tightened around his sweet boy as if never letting go. He felt their spirits coming together. It gave the old Indian a sense of completion that he'd never felt before in his whole life. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- End of file: RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-7 This story continues in RITES-OF-BOYHOOD-8
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